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The Problem

One of the biggest challenges bioanalytical scientists face is to generate and process volumes of data while maintaining data accuracy, integrity, regulatory compliance and industry best practices; all in a very short amount of time.

Red Thread Solution

For bioanalysts, quality control teams and quality assurance groups, Red Thread assesses the data for regulatory compliance by identifying possible issues, checking for data accuracy and ensuring data integrity. This virtual solution saves you from spending valuable time on finding problems within the data and lets you focus on areas that require additional review instead. For management, it lets them evaluate program performance, while saving them time and money.

Red Thread Advantage

For validation and sample analysis, Red Thread combines expert systems, computer vision and natural language processing techniques to streamline data analysis across data sets to rapidly detect patterns of significance. Red Thread’s automation reduces manual efforts from days to hours. Data review quickly adds up when method validation reports typically involve up to 30 data tables and assay validation summaries range between 30-60 data tables. Interim data reviews powered by Red Thread provide the ability to find problems early, trust your data and avoid costly re-work.


Small Molecule Method Validation
Small Molecule Sample Analysis
Large Molecule Assay Validation
Large Molecule Sample Analysis
Tiered alert system
Complies with regulatory guidelines and industry best practices
Checks for scientific accuracies
Provides data on trending and analytics
Platform agnostic
Accepts files in all common formats (.docx, .xlsx, .csv, .pdf)

Unleash the exponential power of advanced computational techniques for bioanalytical data review