The Ariadne Story

The Ariadne Story

In Greek mythology, the story of Ariadne, and how her efforts to help Theseus escape the Minotaur’s labyrinth with a ball of red thread offers strikingly similar parallels with today’s drug development efforts.

The Problem

Today’s bioanalysis presents major challenges for even the most experienced scientists. The sheer volume of data makes it all too easy to miss errors, signals and important patterns. Years of bioanalytical data review combined with recent advancements in natural language processing and machine learning applications provided the foundation for Ariadne software.
Our team of bioanalytical and data scientists believe the same data-driven advancements taking place in the clinical trials and laboratory informatics spaces can be applied to optimize early drug development. Using the right tools, we believe scientists can better identify and predict risk, accelerate outcomes and optimize their investments.

The Solution

Red Thread, Ariadne’s premiere product, is your ally for bioanalytical data review and risk management. Powered by deep learning techniques and designed by bioanalytical scientists, Red Thread is a force multiplier to help you optimize time, cost and quality in early drug development.

  • Automation dramatically reduces time-intensive and manual data review processes
  • High sensitivity analysis allows for the detection of important patterns or near-failures which are easily overlooked in manual reviews
  • A tiered alert system flags area of concern within the data
  • An intuitive graphical interface allows users to drill down into Red Thread’s analysis
Unleash the exponential power of advanced computational techniques for bioanalytical data review